Energy Monitoring

CIAT controls can be used as part of a planned energy efficiency programme, to ensure conditions for building occupants or industrial processes are optimised while energy use is minimised.

Our intelligent control and monitoring solutions can be used to fine-tune set-points and building conditions to take account of changing occupancy levels and ambient temperatures to ensure conditions continue to be met, while consistently reducing energy use.

Performance data can be stored and analysed to identify opportunities to reduce electricity consumption, enabling you to prioritise quick wins that have the greatest impact in terms of energy reduction for the least discernible impact on building conditions.

Remote monitoring

High level intelligent CIAT controls, such as M2M, also allow remote monitoring and control, enabling you to view conditions across a multi-site estate, and make adjustments to take advantage of opportunities to reduce consumption as part of an ongoing planned programme.

Expert support

CIAT also provides a specialist support service which gives you 24/7 back-up, with plant monitored round-the-clock by our experts. Using M2M’s remote monitoring capabilities, CIAT specialists review any unusual conditions or alarms, and can make a remote diagnosis and brief you and your contractor or FM company on the problem, ensuring a rapid and effective response.